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A free screening facility for the children of Zaatari


Free and permanent proper movie-theatre for the Syrian refugees of Zaatari.

Daily screenings of international and regional  movies, documentary films, animation films,...

An open place for cultural events, public debates, as well as educational and entertaining  programs.

A window opening onto to the world, so children can laugh and enjoy themselves in spite of the darkness around them.

A welcoming space as an answer to the violence and madness of the world.

In Zaatari, basic necessities and first aid are a priority. The local NGOs are doing an outstanding job. Health, food, housing, clothing, instruction...

A cinema in Zaatari is also a way to open a screen on hope for refugees.




The organisation "Lumière à Zaatari " aims at financing and running a cinema space in the heart of Zaatari camp, located in Jordan,12Km from the syrian border. The 80.000 refugees living in the camp, after fleeing war in their country, have now their own movie theater, which they call the "Cinema Zaatari" !

Many partners support us: institutions, organisations, professionals and companies of the movie industry,...

UNICEF is among them, because children are at the heart of our action, as well as the film production society IMAGINARIUM. Both help us run the cinema from day to day.

A year ago, thanks to your donations, we were able to open a cinema in Zaatari (watch the movie here). Today, it's still thanks to your donations that films are screened every day, for the joy of the camp children and their families. 

Because having access to cinema and culture is one more step towards recovering a bit of freedom and dignity !

And because it's the children who will shape the future !

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" Lumière à Zaatari "

Association Loi 1901 à but non lucratif

5, rue Cavendish 75019 Paris - France



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