Cinema for children ! Our main target audience are the children of the camp who are offered a specifically designed yearlong screening program.

Although Cinema Zaatari is mostly meant to screen films for children, it is also a place of exchange and communication, helping to create social and intergenerational link within the camp.

This is why part of the schedule of Cinema Zaatari is dedicated to bringing families and elders together, by offering the right screenings and events.



UNICEF is our main partner for Cinema Zaatari. Our work is developed in coordination with their team in Jordan, where our programs are regularly shared and discussed as a joint organizational effort to put together the best movie going expereince for the children. 
UNICEF team also plays a major role in helping us communicate with the camp schools and the community centers to design special programs and educational screenings as well as host certain classes inside the cinema.



With a combination of modern and classical films that represent different genres and tastes of the best of the world's cinema, our film programs are designed to offer both entertaining and educational movies.

We are working directly with the residents of Zaatari and the local community to develop and design curated programs according to their needs and expectations.

Audience and Programs


Our films are carefully selected covering major titles of international cinema including big budget and indpendent films, as well as modern and classical Arab cinema.


Screening programs include:

  • Children fiction films, live action and animated, feature length and shorts.

  • Youth films, documentaries and fiction, feature length and shorts.

  • Women films, documentaries and fiction, feature length and shorts.

  • Family entertaining films, feature length Arab classics.

All the films screened are either dubbed or subtitled in Arabic.


Throughout the year, Cinema Zaatari offers weekly movie screenings for up to 5 days per week. Moreover, special screening programs and educational movie sessions are organized in direct coordination with the community centers and schools.



Cinema Zaatari and its partners also organize other events around the movie screening experience, including: Public debates, guest speakers, filmmaking workshops, film days... etc.