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" Lumière à Zaatari "

Non-profit humanitarian organisation

5, rue Cavendish 75019 Paris - France

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Access to the cinema is entirely free for refugees !

So the cinema cannot cover its own running costs. Its continued existence and operation rely entirely on your donations.

Balancing the cinema's budget every year is a challenge for us.


Your donations allow us to bring the cinema to life. They pay for the local crew in Jordan who runs the cinema, and organises all year round its daily activities, programming, screenings, events, educational programs,... as well as ensuring its maintenance, security and management.

These costs represent an annual budget of 80.000 Euros (90.000$) for our organisation.


All members of the "Lumière à Zaatari" organisation in France are volunteers.

If you are a professional in the film industry, or a film distribution company, you can also help us by giving us easier access to the rights of your films.

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