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The Cinema

114 Seats

With its wooden seats recovered from an abandoned cinema in the Jordanian city of Amman, Cinema Zaatari is a welcoming place, contrasting with the camp's arid everyday surroundings.

The room was designed and built to immerse audiences in the special and cosy atmosphere that bring the true cinema experience to life.  

It's 250 square meters with 120 seats. The projection room is equipped with a Canon WUX6500 projector, as well as a 6x6 meter screen and an optimal 12 speaker sound system. A small stage in front of the screen can be used for introductions, public debates and other cultural events.

At the heart of Zaatari

Located in district 4, the middle of the camp, in the oldest neighborhood of Zaatari, a few steps from the main street (called "Cham-Elysées" by the locals), Zaatari Cinema is advantageously situated, and easily accessible for everyone.

The building is a permanent structure located on UNICEF-managed land. It was designed to last, resisting weather conditions, to house a permanent cinema inside the camp. The cinema is equipped with a generator to ensure its autonomy for the daily screenings.  the building's maintenance and security are handled by a local crew of Syrians from the camp, hired and paid by our organization.

Plan du camp de Zaatari
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