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Zaatari camp cinéma

Zaatari Camp

Zaatari is currently the world's largest camp for Syrian refugees.

Since 2012, over 6 million Syrians have fled the war in their country.


Half a million have come through Zaatari camp.

80.000 people have settled there.

Over half of them are children.

Plan du camp de Zaatari


The vast majority of refugees living in Zaatari are originally from the city of Deraa, a few kilometers north of the border between Jordan and Syria.

The camp was initially meant as a  temporary solution for refugees passing through, but it gradually became a permanent city. 7 years ago, there was only desert where Zaatari camp stands today... But it is now the 4th most populated "city" in Jordan!

Living conditions for the refugees in Zaatari have greatly improved over the years, but they still depend entirely on humanitarian aid for their precarious survival.​ Minimum accessibility to the fields of art and culture is still a challenge in the day to day life of the camp.

In 2019, over half the camp inhabitants are under the age of 18. 20% are less than 7 years old and were born inside the camp.

Syrian children, who grew up in the middle of a war and find themselves today living inside refugee camps, suffer from profound trauma. Direct and long-term consequences are dramatic for this sacrificed generation of war-zone children.

International NGOs have raised the alarm over this issue. Inside Zaatari Camp, UNICEF is working with humanitarian volunteers and Syrians to create what they call "safe zones" - places where children can simply be children. "Safe zones" where they can be heard and soothed. "Safe zones" to help them build up their confidence, and try to encourage them to imagine their future, so they can to rebuild a life for themselves when war is over...

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